Welcome to our page on the history surrounding the year 1798! This was a significant year in world history, marked by important events and developments across the globe. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key moments and milestones that defined this year.

In Europe, the year 1798 saw the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, who led a successful campaign in Egypt and established himself as a powerful military and political figure. This marked the beginning of a new era in European history, with Napoleon’s influence spreading throughout the continent in the years to come.


In America, 1798 was a year of political upheaval and change. The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed by the US Congress, which restricted the rights of immigrants and made it illegal to criticize the government. This sparked widespread controversy and opposition and is seen by many as a violation of the principles of free speech and democracy.

Meanwhile, in Asia, the year 1798 saw the Qing Dynasty consolidating its power in China, while the Maratha Empire faced a series of defeats in India. These events had far-reaching consequences for the region, shaping the political and cultural landscape for years to come.

In addition to these major world events, there were many other developments and discoveries that took place in 1798. The French chemist Antoine Lavoisier discovered the element oxygen, while the first vaccination for smallpox was developed by Edward Jenner. These breakthroughs in science and medicine would have a profound impact on the course of human history.

Overall, the year 1798 was a time of great change and transformation, with new ideas and movements shaping the world in significant ways. We hope this brief overview has given you a sense of the important historical events that occurred during this fascinating year.

For teachers and educational resources provided by the 1798 Rebellion Centre, 1798 Rebellion Educational Resources in PDF format, and 1798 activity sheets.

How to dress.

Rebel Uniform Pack
This is a document that we prepared a few years ago for the Vinegar Hill reenactment. It contains suggestions on how to put together a costume for the United Irish rebels. 


**Note for educators:
The resources focus on the battles that took place in County Wexford, hopefully, you will find the documents useful in the classroom.


1798 Rebellion Educational Resource Activities Pack

Newtownmountkennedy – Map and Heritage Guide

Newtownmountkennedy - Map and Heritage Guide
Newtownmountkennedy – Map and Heritage Guide
Newtownmountkennedy - Map and Heritage Guide
Newtownmountkennedy – Map and Heritage Guide

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